A Safe City with a
Fiscally Responsible Government

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Thanks to a bedrock commitment to community policing, crime rates are at historic lows. Tom firmly believes that these policies reduce crime and create a safer environment for all. We’ve equipped our police with body cameras, and in addition to their many obvious benefits supervisors review footage regularly as a teaching tool to improve police performance on an ongoing basis.

White Plains has the highest municipal fire protection rating possible, according to experts in the fire insurance industry - one of only three municipalities in New York State and less than 100 nationwide to achieve that distinction. 49,000 municipalities nationwide were graded on every major fire safety factor by a respected, independent observer, who determined that there isn't a single municipality anywhere in New York State that does a better job protecting residents and businesses from fires than White Plains.

Under Tom’s leadership White Plains continues to make major investments in public safety infrastructure to provide even better service, including - $3.9 million in new equipment purchases for the Fire Department over the past 3 years; $1 million in renovations to fire facilities over the past two years; and $1.5 million more budgeted. We've also recently hired more police officers and firefighters. 

Our municipal services are top of the line thanks to our dedicated work force – and we've provided that level of service while staying under the state tax cap every year that Tom has been Mayor. White Plains does not rely on capital outlays to pay for pension costs or tax appeals like some of our neighbors or Westchester County.