Balanced, Sustainable Growth

Downtown Development Revised Smaller.png

White Plains is attracting major new employers, with big investments to revitalize our downtown. We’ve added more than 1000 new jobs downtown this year alone, and have our lowest commercial and retail vacancy rates since the depths of the Great Recession. We've seen major investments in the Westchester, City Center, and will soon in the Galleria. Bringing residents and major commercial tenants downtown both helps out local small businesses by bringing in new customers and making our streets more lively and vibrant.

These investments are clear votes of confidence in the direction of our city and the path it’s taking under Tom’s leadership. At a time when internet shopping is radically reshaping the retail business across the country, these kinds of smart investments are vital.

White Plains is the fastest growing city in NY State – and we’ve done it while maintaining our local focus and commitment to unique and diverse neighborhoods.  Tom has made sure that downtown development projects benefit our residents.  We now require every new multi-family residential development project downtown to include affordable units – and as a result, we have hundreds of new affordable units under construction and in the pipeline. Under Tom’s leadership, White Plains also requires developers to pay a new impact fee to fund the creation and maintenance of city parks and playgrounds. 

Tom is proving that growth can be balanced and sustainable – and doesn’t require our city to compromise on our core commitments.